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How Convert works

Through its enhanced technological capabilities, Convert provides you with the account enrichment data points and insights you need to boost the chance of making a sale:
  • 1

    Full company description

  • 2

    Key talking points from the past six months related to their account activity

  • 3

    Ice-breakers – personal topics such as hobbies and interests

  • 4

    Tailored recommendations for telemarketing and email opening structure

Convert more opportunities into sales.

For each lead that comes through, there should also be the opportunity to convert it – and that’s exactly where Convert comes in.
  • sales calls

    IT decision makers receive an average of at least 10 sales calls a week, most of which they either don’t accept or quickly disengage with. This is generally down to the fact that time-poor salespeople employ the same introductory approach across the board.
  • Better conversations

    We understand it’s a constant juggle between discovering prospects, engaging with leads and actually boosting your conversion rate. But your sales team needs to have the time to carry out their main job: sell. For this, they need to have better conversations with your potential customers.
  • All about context

    Convert is all about context. We’ll provide the crucial details so that you can understand the lead’s background and know exactly what to say to get them to convert. We’ll also share our expertise on follow-up best practices to further strengthen your approach.
  • The outcome?

    You’re armed with comprehensive information on every lead, enabling you to make a higher number of truly productive calls. More sales. More opportunities. And, ultimately, more revenue.

what’s more

We’ll carry out a session with your sales team to guarantee they understand the process behind lead generation, the tactics used, and how best to leverage the data to maximise conversion success.

Convert works to bridge the gap between sales and marketing by working closely with both teams, in turn improving the relationship between the two for better alignment.

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